Netizens are divided over TWICE Jihyo’s 1st place on Music Bank today

1st place on Music Bank today

1. Congratulations to Jihyo

2. 5 points??

3. Jihyo is so cute!! She sold 500,000 copies as a solo artist, she deserves #1 on Music Bank

4. Hul, TWICE’s fandom is so solid, she won thanks to album sales and votes

5. Congratulations to Jihyo! The song is good and the stage is good

6. But I’m really curious, is it normal to get #1 on Music Bank with 5 digital points…?

7. Jihyo-ya, the song is so good, congrats on getting 1st place!!

8. Congratulations to Jihyo. The song is so good and the album quality is also good

9. 5 points for digital?

10. I feel sorry for STAYC

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