Netizens are going crazy about RIIZE’s photos in Lisbon for their comeback ‘Impossible’

RIIZE DAYS IN LISBON #1 【Impossible】 ➫ 2024.04.18 6PM (KST)

1. Wonbin is amazing

2. Ah, Eunseok looks so good with blonde hair

3. I’m curious about the song, Eunseok is so handsome, Sungchan is innocent and charming

4. Wonbin is not only handsome but also good at taking photos

5. Wow, Anton’s photo is so pretty, his eyes are so pretty

6. It’s a handsome group

7. Sohee really gives off the 90s idol feel

8. Wonbin and Anton are good at taking photos

9. Lee Sohee is crazy, I really like this concept

10. The concept is amazing and it suits RIIZE so well

11. I zoomed in and was surprised by Eunseok’s handsomeness

12. This time I like Anton and Wonbin’s photos

13. I’m looking forward to it!!!!!!!

14. It’s surprising that every time I see Anton, he seems to become a different person ㅜㅠ

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