Netizens are going crazy after Calvin Klein’s boss started following Jungkook

Calvin Klein & Jungkook

When I saw the trends, I didn’t understand why

Turns out fans are expecting content after Calvin Klein’s boss started following Jungkookㅋㅋ

Google is going crazy tooㅋㅋㅋ

[+460, -116]

1. [+338, -14] It would be crazy if he did a photoshoot with Calvin Klein underwear. Aren’t people going to die?ㅋㅋ

2. [+322, -11] It f*cking suits him

3. [+301, -13] He matches Calvin Klein underwear and matches their jeans too. Please reveal something quickly

4. [+276, -13] Oh I don’t know what it is, but it suits him so well

5. [+268, -13] Daebak..

6. [+201, -5] Doesn’t Calvin Klein only pick people with hot bodies?..

7. [+193, -3] Can’t wait

8. [+185, -2] CK is really good at photoshoots and commercials… I don’t know what it is, but Jungkook really suits it

9. [+139, -2] Jungkook’s body is great, so he’s perfect for CK

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its gonna be hot af


I don’t know if in the end this meant something or he just followed Jungkook because he attracted their attention, but watching that fandom go into hysterics, it’s been hilarious, anything that links a Bangtan member to a fashion brand, makes them burn with rage.  🤭


LMAO suddenly ‘our oppa are musicians not model went silence’ HYPOCRITES fuckers

Rathinda Amor

they already have about 500 songs under their belt and still doing musics as we speak. Jimin alone about to release solo album in february.
you all still begging YG to release stiffso solo musics so ?


Point still stands dumb btch b0ts crave those side gigs too

Rathinda Amor

no it is not standing. their main job is musicians. and there is nothing wrong with doing side gigs dumb bitch.


wrong, the brands are craving for them, not vice versa you dvmb@ss


How can he sell underwear with his small d**k


Stop projecting…


i’m gonna die i’m gonna dIEEEE


I am so ready for this… also I love seeing bts members take over midpinks only job and their stans crying.


Worry about bts main job flopping on chart first, rookies beating them left and right, their one hit wonder is dynamite after that all it all flopped + their solos


if top 3 on bb200 or 6 hot100 #1s is flopping then sure😭😭😭 cope


Say thank u to sea stream farm


Rich coming from a blink. Crackpink get outperformed on the charts every year by rookies and more importantly BTS. It’s the reason stankpink have no daesangs but IVE does. The reason why all your records are “female” or “of the year”

Setting up those talentless whores is top priority for blanks


cry cuz pink venom and shut dawn are the most streamed kpop song in Spotify and viewed in youtube toped billboard global and top 2 in Korean chart born pink toped billboard 200 and uk album chart pink venom is the longest kpop song charting in billboard hot 100. bots freefall after 1 week can’t relate


Armys gonna be clowns when it’s a fully clothed ad


When those pictures of Jungkook are revealed will be the best day of my life and also the day I’ll die, bc my soul will leave my body.


Ppl are going to absolutely lose it when pics come out. And it’ll be me, I’m ppl.

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