Netizens are going crazy over BTS V at the VIP conference of the movie ‘Broker’

BTS V who attended the VIP conference of the movie ‘Broker’

1. He’s so handsome~ I hope Taehyung acts in movie too…

2. Crazy, these are the pictures taken by the reporter? I thought they were taken by V’s fansites, daebak

3. Wow his face is crazy

4. His clothes are so pretty and he’s so handsome

5. He’s not only handsome, he has a unique atmosphere.. He’s really nice

6. Wow, is he crazy? Seriously, V seems to be getting better and better

7. I’m not interested in idols, but he’s really handsome, I think he will be a good actor

8. Well, watching the video makes me smile. Just looking at him makes me happy

9. V isn’t active as an actor? He has a handsome face, and his voice is really good… I want to hear his voice in the cinema

10. He’s so handsome, he’s in a relationship and looks like his style has changed a bit

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