Netizens are going crazy over SEVENTEEN ‘Super’ choreography video

[Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN – Super

1. This choreography video is so good that I keep watching it over and over again!!!

2. Seventeen is the best.. There are 13 members, but they’re all really good

3. Daebak ㅠㅠ Seventeen’s choreography video is the best

4. Seriously crazy

5. Wow, SEVENTEEN is so cool, they always kill the stage

6. It’s really crazy. It’s like art

7. Crazy.. I got goosebumps

8. The choreography is really crazy

9. It’s really crazy, so everyone should watch it

10. Wow, the choreography looks really good

11. I want to go to Seventeen’s concert

12. Wow seriously, I got goosebumps

13. Wow the scale is crazy

14. They’re so cool.. It’s like a work of art

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