Netizens are going crazy over TWICE Nayeon appearing at Water Bomb Seoul 2024

Water Bomb Seoul 2024 Lineup – TWICE Nayeon

1. Is she planning on making a solo comeback?

2. Wow, I want to go

3. Daebak

4. Hul is she planning on making a solo comeback?

5. Hul, is she going to make a solo comeback?

6. Wow, is this a comeback!! I want to listen to Nayeon’s new song!!!

7. Hul Nayeon

8. If she appears at Water Bomb, can we expect her 2nd solo mini album?

9. Nayeon~ I’m so excited

10. Wow, is this a comeback?

11. Nayeon is about to make a solo comeback?!

12. Hul I guess she’ll make a solo comeback

13. I guess her 2nd solo album will come out before Water Bomb

14. Wow, I want to go see Nayeon

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