Netizens are going crazy over ‘Vogue’ Chanel Fine Jewelry x BLACKPINK Jennie

‘Vogue’ Chanel Fine Jewelry x BLACKPINK Jennie photos, video

1. I commend the person who came up with this idea. It suits her so well

2. Legendary…

3. It’s so refreshing just looking at it

4. Wow, so pretty… It really increases my desire that I want to buy all the jewelry she wears… I can understand why they used Jennie as a model

5. This is the first time I’ve seen this concept. It suits her so well..

6. I don’t know what her solo concept will be like this year but I really like this vibe

7. As expected, it’s really good

8. This photoshoot is crazy

9. Look at her aura

10. Wow, so pretty, I saved all the photos

11. Crazy ㅠㅠㅠ F*cking pretty

12. What would it be like to live with the same appearance as Jennie?

13. I really like this photoshoot

14. Wow, this concept is so good

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