Netizens are saying that this is their first time seeing ITZY Yuna lose in terms of proportions

Wow, this is my first time seeing Yuna lose in terms of proportions…

The face of the girl on the left still looks freaking small and her proportions are legendary. Their heels also look similar

[+61, -69]

1. [+64, -11] She’s 177cm tall

2. [+45, -57] Being taller doesn’t always mean better

3. [+40, -12] You invested so much in taking this many screenshots just to hate on Yuna ㅋㅋ Please just live your own life ㅠ It’s the weekend so go out and meet some people instead~

4. [+32, -21] Isn’t she the girl that did school violence in Everglow??

5. [+25, -0] I think the girl on the left is 175cm or 174cm tall

6. [+14, -0] “I wrote this post because I wanted to hate on Yuna”

7. [+7, -4] I thought she was a male idol dressed like a girl…

8. [+5, -3] Wow Yuna is so pretty

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