Netizens are shocked after listening to NewJeans ‘Ditto’ sung by Yoon Do Hyun

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ sung by Yoon Do Hyun

He sang live in live radio today

1. This song really suits his voice. Please upload full version cover video

2. Wow… Ditto + Yoon Do Hyun’s voice = crazy ㅠㅠㅠ

3. Yoon Do Hyun’s voice and the song match well, this version is so good

4. The song really suits Yoon Do Hyun’s voice, it’s so good

5. I like it more than the original song

6. I like the original song, but this version is good too

7. I hate the acoustic versions, but this is crazy

8. Well, I really got goosebumps, it’s so good

9. I like the original song and I love this song too

10. I listened to it live on the radio and it was really good

11. The song is really good, I like Yoon Do Hyun’s version too

12. His voice sounds like an instrument, I love it

13. Yoon Do Hyun seems to cover a lot of girl group songs

14. The original song is so good, but I also like this song

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no sorry he sounds so bad, he suit rocks genre way better




You mad cause he can sing unlike

Last edited 18 days ago by Anonymus

Tbh his voice is good, it just doesn’t seem to fit the song except the chorus. Too growly and raspy for me.


Sounds so great like the OST of a nostalgic first love romcom

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