Netizens are shocked after seeing Aespa ‘Armageddon’ Spotify cover

Aespa ‘Armageddon’ Spotify cover

1. Something big is coming

2. Is Karina on the far right? Daebak ㅠ

3. This concept is crazy

4. Crazy, I think this time they will reach the peak of their career

5. Hul I’m looking forward to it

6. Are they wearing wigs?

7. The concept of this album is really good

8. Wow.. I’m really shocked!!!

9. This concept is so crazy, it feels like the earth is about to perish

10. There’s no song teaser for ‘Armageddon’ yet, right?? I tried searching but it’s not there ㅠ

11. This concept is awesome

12. Hul, the apocalypse is coming!

13. Crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

14. Armageddon, the title itself is so good, I’m looking forward to it

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