Netizens are shocked after seeing Jisoo and Jisoo unnie

Wow Jisoo and Jisoo unnie..❤️

1. Their genes are amazing

2. She looks like an actress

3. Both so pretty… Their genes are amazing

4. Wow, she looks like Shin Se-hwi + Han Hyo-joo

5. Wow, she’s just a celebrity????

6. Wow why is she so pretty?

7. I heard that Jisoo’s older sister is famous by the name Gunpo Han Hyo-joo.. That’s right..

8. Their genes are crazy..

9. Why doesn’t Jisoo’s older sister debut?? She’s so pretty ㅠㅠ

10. Unnie looks like an actress and Jisoo looks like an idol

11. Wow, I thought it was Han Hyo-joo

12. She looks like a celebrity

13. Wow, both so pretty…

14. Wow but she seriously looks like Han Hyo-joo

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