Netizens are shocked after seeing MIXX Sullyoon’s student ID photo

NMIXX Sullyoon’s student ID photo…

1. Wow.. How is the student ID photo so pretty?

2. Her eyes are so big

3. She’s a doll, right? No? Princess? Angel?

4. Look at those big eyes. Well… someone created an anime character in 3D

5. I don’t think she’s human…. She’s a goddess

6. Her eyes are half of her face and she’s really pretty

7. It’s really not realistic. How can she have such big eyes… It’s like a completely different race

8. Seriously, she’s like CG

9. No matter how you look at her, she looks more like a doll than a human. She’s not of the same race as us

10. How can she look so perfect?

11. Her facial features are clear, her eyes are so big…

12. Seriously, she looks like a Disney princess…

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