Netizens are shocked after seeing RIIZE Anton’s younger brother

RIIZE Anton’s younger brother

1. Daebak, look at his proportions

2. How can he get that body proportion?

3. His height, proportions, and face are all crazy ㅜㅜ

4. Seriously amazing…. Does he not care about K-pop?

5. Please award the Cultural Medal to Yoon Sang

6. No, he’s almost as tall as Anton?? When did he grow up like that?

7. Wow, he looks so young. How old is he and how tall is he?

8. His younger brother is so handsome, does he also intend to become an idol? Please go to SM and debut

9. His proportions and height are crazy… Wow

10. His proportions are good and his face is too small

11. I can see his mother’s face. I like actress Shim Hyejin because she’s pretty

12. Wow his younger brother is also so pretty

13. Does he care about K-pop?

14. He’s tall but his face still looks like a kid’s ㅜㅜㅜ

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