Netizens are shocked after seeing Taeyang and BTS Jimin’s teaser for VIBE

Taeyang – VIBE (feat. BTS Jimin) 2023.01.13 2PM

1. They sing well, but aren’t they good at dancing?? I hope it’s a dance song

2. It’s crazy, something big is coming

3. Do they dance?????

4. I’m looking forward to it

5. Jimin is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Taeyang’s voice, I’m really looking forward to the combination of the two of them!!!!!!

6. Wow Taeyang’s solo album is finally released

7. I look forward to the collaboration between the 2nd and 3rd generation top idols

8. Taeyang and Park Jimin’s combination is amazing

9. Both are main dancers??

10. They’ll be releasing it on Friday, looks like they’ll be aiming for Billboard

11. I want to listen to it soon

12. Jimin is so handsomeㅋㅋ

13. If the two of them performed together, everyone would go crazy

14. It’s crazy, their vocals and choreography seem to match perfectly, it’s amazing

15. I love it so much ㅠㅠ

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taeyang and vip’s most hated bts member? 😂


What about Jimin and ARMYs’ worst nightmare 🙃


Thats true too lmao
Army trashing crying vomiting now that the group they hate collab with their fave


Not really… bts have collaborated with many ppl armys don’t like so this doesn’t affect us but vips are crying lmao.


Hobey armys arent the one throwing a fit. Look on twt….y’all getting lots of emgagement throwing hate to jimin while armys are determined to support the song bc we ALWAYS support BTS members songs even if i personally am not a fan of the collaborator


Armys are used to BTS hanging out with people we hate lol so no


taeyang will perform well on international charts while jimin will perform well on k-charts, I could see this song immediately shoot up in top 10 k-charts, I see this as a win-win situation for both of them.

Hope the song is good , k-gps will eat any of bigbang’s release anyway and armys or jimin’s solo stans will hardcarry the song on international charts.


the dislike ? Did I say something wrong 🤔


You just stating fact. I can’t wait for Army fanbases’ decision for the global goals. They’re really good at it. Imagine the song getting no. 1 all kill top 10 biggest music markets in one digital platform only and other platforms. They already did that with Dreamers and Wild Flower.


Its gonna do good only bc of jimin


Well we’ll definitely support Jimin and it will do well on I-charts but we won’t be hard carrying a song that’s not Jimin’s own song lol


Wtf guys just enjoy the song


two jumpscares


Jimin and his voice wbk




Streaming only for jimin.


Same. I hope we’ll hear a lot of him throughout the track too.


fuck off


The only one I care about is Jimin, so I’ll listen to the song for him. Army always supports the members in their projects and it’s not the first time they collaborate with people Army doesn’t like. 


Ik his other tracks gonna get less streams than the one jimin is on watch


Damn army are stressed! Just enjoy the song, we all know it’s gonna be a banger so just be normal for once and stop being overdramatic when your fave gets to do a collab he’s probably thrilled for🤷🏼‍♀️


I hope the song flops badly so I won’t feel bad for not streaming

Lazy Banana

VIPs are whining on Twitter and keep on insulting Jimin like aren’t yall supposed to be an old and wise fandom? But hey, what do we expect from criminal stans. Of course they accept that their favs abused their dogs, hit someone with a car, illegally smoked marijuana and pimped prostitutes to politicians but their fav collabing with a BTS member is where they draw the line. Pathetic.


Flopyang bowing to Jimin like the peasant he is iktr


There is so much hype for this song. I’m so excited to hear it!


lol at armys. they spent the last 5 years talking shit about bigbang and now their own fav is collabing with one of the “criminals” 🤭

enjoy streaming and supporting taeyang’s music and earning him and YG more cash and fame 😁

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Jimin botox boy n the druggie’s friend

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