Netizens are shocked after seeing TWICE “BETWEEN 1&2” tracklist

TWICE’s 11th mini album “BETWEEN 1&2” tracklist

Album preview

1. Oh my god, Lee Woomin

2. Wow Jihyo’s self-composed song.. I’m looking forward to it

3. I’m so happy that TWICE members participated in writing the lyrics

4. Am I the only one seeing Slow Rabbit? Isn’t he the one who composed HYBE’s songs?

5. It’s Lee Woomin and it’s Slow Rabbit from HYBE, right?

6. As soon as I saw Lee Woomin’s name, I shouted, this album is going to be a big hit

7. I’m also looking forward to the song written and composed by Jihyo

8. Well, there’s also Slow Rabbit

9. The combination of Slow Rabbit and TWICE is so refreshing

10. Oh Slow Rabbit, I thought he only composed songs for Big Hit

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