Netizens are shocked by Baby Monster Ahyeon’s skills

BABYMONSTER (#2) – AHYEON (Live Performance)

1. She’s talented, she’s good at rapping and she has a pretty face

2. She’s really all-rounder ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There’s nothing she can’t do with his vocals and rapping

3. I thought she was a rapper, but she sings really well, I’m looking forward to her future

4. I can’t think of anyone in 2NE1, so why is 2NE1 mentioned?

5. Looking at the reactions, I can understand why Yang Hyun Suk shamelessly put his face in the video

6. Wow, she’s good at rapping, but her voice is crazy???

7. Wow she’s crazy

8. She seems to be an all-rounder, can rap and sing like Jennie, her face also has some similarities to Huh Yunjin + Jennie

9. Wow her voice is crazy

10. Wow, she’s really good at both singing and rapping

11. Wow, she sings and raps well, she seems so talented..

12. I heard her rap and thought it was Lisa

13. I think she’s the best among YG female idols of all time

14. I was surprised, I have never seen anyone as good as her

15. I think she has the same position as Jennie, she can sing and rap well

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i was just thinking about how awesome it is that kpop groups are slowly leaving the forced rapper in every group behind for 4th gen …. i just hope kpop companies know that we don’t need a random rap verse in every kpop songs.


Forced rapper? Ahyeon can rap so i dont think her talent need to be ignore, the forced rapper that we need to abolish is those type of slow talk rap, best example: aespa giselle


it’s all the same from YG lmao


True. YG trainees have rapping, vocals, dancing and visuals.


Where did u heard AKMU rapping tho


technically, akmu is from kpop star show and did not specifically train under YG for years


These videos can’t decide their future tho. Look at nmixx, they all incredibly talented and they had the same structure of promotion when they debuted. But many didn’t like their song. So they vanished among 4th gen.

spicy spice

but it’s fine as long as teddy produce their songs. public really love his ratatata sounds thou. lol.


Their producer is choice37, not teddy.

Jj dw

Yeah except a song like o.o would bever be released from yg they know what


Lisa can’t sing tho, She is like jennie, can sing and rap.


This isn’t a bp article dmbfck. At least be a clever anti




You care enough to leave this comment lol


I feel like this group may ended up like purple kiss. Like too many all rounder with no clear individual roles. Making the group ended up being bland. I feel like YG just should debut baemon with just 5 members. Now i wonder who gonna be yg princess as Yg tend to have favourite member.


Her vocals are average and rapping sounds like every other idol rap


This release style really shows that YG just pushing them out there to save his stocks.


i’m surprised that someone in YG actually sings bc they’re more rappers than anything
The first girl presented sounded too much la park bom and rosé, and while bom added a lot of color to 2ne1, rosé sound just too whinny for my tastes.
for once i’m glad this new GG has better sound

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