Netizens are shocked by Bang Si Hyuk’s recent whereabouts

Bang Si Hyuk’s recent whereabouts, isn’t it crazy?;;;;

He really turned into this Otaku-like fatty? I think he’s one of the most famous Korean Otakus

[+1216, -37]

1. [+548, -9] This is a Japanese comment..

“Did he eat a trainee?”

2. [+464, -6] Even if he’s wearing luxury brand clothes, it doesn’t look cool at all. It looks like a 5,000 won t-shirt

3. [+373, -11] It’s like he spent all the money that his artists earned on food. I hate seeing him

4. [+226, -3] Every time I look at Bang Si Hyuk, I care more about his health than his looks…

5. [+73, -2] He has a lot of money, so why doesn’t he exercise?

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