Netizens are shocked by BTS V’s visuals even with his shaved head

BTS V has a round head and is handsome

1. What the? Even his head is perfect

2. He really doesn’t need makeup or hair or anything like that, he’s so handsome

3. I knew he was handsome but when I watched the video, I was surprised to see that he was more handsome than I expected

4. Wow… What’s going on with his face? He hasn’t put on makeup yet, right? He’s perfect

5. Even his head is handsome

6. V really has it all, even his head is perfect

7. His head is also handsome, V is so cool

8. V is perfect. He really looks good even with his head shaved

9. He’s been perfect since he was a kid

10. His head is round and pretty, but even his facial features are crazy ㅠㅠ

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