Netizens are shocked by NewJeans Minji’s beauty at Seoul Fashion Week today

NewJeans Minji’s preview pictures at Seoul Fashion Week today (+ journalist pictures)

1. Her lips are so pretty.. She’s seriously so pretty

2. She looks like a doll…

3. No, her side profile is art

4. Isn’t she a princess?

5. Isn’t that a doll..?

6. Princess Minji is so pretty these days ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. How can her face be so perfect..?

8. Wow… She really looks like a princess

9. Is she a fairy?

10. Wow… I really think Minji looks better with her hair like that than with straight hair

11. Wow, isn’t this CG???? Oh my God

12. Wow, she looks much prettier with curled hair

13. Minji is just a princess, so pretty

14. Wow, I gasped when I saw this picture. She’s f*cking pretty

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