Netizens are shocked by NMIXX Kyujin’s picture taken by her friend

Wow, this is the picture taken by a friend of NMIXX Kyujin

Crazy, she’s so pretty

1. Kyujin looks like this in real life

2. I thought she was Bae, but she’s so pretty

3. Seriously pretty

4. She looks like Bae in this picture

5. Kyujin is so pretty, I saved this picture

6. But if you look at Kyujin in real life, her eyes look bigger

7. Kyujin is really my favorite face, her talent is overwhelming

8. She’s just a kid

9. I’m curious about her makeup

10. She would look prettier with straight hair

11. She’s just a princess…. so pretty

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Most talented!!!


shes not pretty
she should’ve been kicked out instead of jinni

Another Guest

If only JYP will give them a gp friendly song but alas, rumors are they’re still working with the producer of O.O and DICE for the next cb.

yocoochi smells

this is one of jype’s major flaw, always sticking to shitty producers


Sadly JYP never pushes single member from a group after Suzy missa incident. So these girls never get solo gigs. I feel sad for them, instead of Wonyoung, it would be Yuna if jyp pushes her.

Your name

Tzuyu got robbed


Sana Tzuyu Nayeon all had the factor for being super famous at their prime in Korea but jype didn’t pushed them then. And now too apart from only ny finally getting a solo luxury makeup brand deal others girls are still only promoting other luxury brands but not really getting the ba tag cause of jype. They are in their 8th year and jype still ain’t pushing them solo at all. Group is good but solo works need to be pushed more now. And this constant group work was the major factor why their popularity in Korea decreased a lot. They can still do so much better just like how Nayeon solo went up like super hit. Twice are still pretty famous but the company is not capable enough to promote them well.
Same with Itzy like give them solo gigs starting with solo ig profiles.
And nmixx should really change their sound for sometime. They are extremely talented and can do any concept but why tf is jype pushing a concept on them which is quite honestly not working on their favour. Seeing how gp is moving nowadays with music. Giving nmixx a super experimental song once again is plain stupidity.

yocoochi smells

jype need better management and stylist

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