Netizens are shocked by NMIXX’s skills after watching ‘DASH’ Stage Practice

NMIXX ‘DASH’ Stage Practice

1. Everyone is good, but Lily seems crazy

2. Of course NMIXX is the best

3. Lily’s live performance is really crazy

4. Lily and Haewon are better than I thought

5. I’m not a fan but every time they release a new song, I listen to it;;;

6. Hul, are they performing live too? Daebak daebak

7. NMIXX’s dance videos are all live but they are all very good so there’s nothing to say

8. Their skills are amazing

9. Wow they sing so well, their choreography is good too

10. Sullyoon, are you crazy? You have that face and you can sing and dance well too

11. Lily and Haewon’s voices are so good, their pitch doesn’t waver at all and they are really good at singing live

12. Their skills are perfect

13. Lily and Haewon’s auras are crazy

14. They are so talented and I also like this song

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