Netizens are shocked by Stray Kids’ album sales on the first day

Stray Kids’ album sales on the first day

1. They don’t have any hit songs… But they’re selling like that… Album sales are crazy these days

2. Wow they sell wellㅋㅋ

3. Wow.. What’s more amazing is that they wrote all the songs

4. They sold over 1.3 million in the first day of the first week… Daebak

5. Hyunjin and Felix have a lot of fans in China, so there’s a lot of competition, that’s why their album sales are high

6. I heard that they have a lot of foreign fans

7. I can see that Stray Kids is getting more and more popular

8. Stray Kids sing and dance well, but first of all, I like them because they sing live well

9. I guess album sales are from China

10. I’m so proud of Stray Kids

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All kpop groups lately have been cheating. How is a korean album site advertising albums ghat say it specifically counts for us billboard. I knew sperm using that tactic would lead to other groups cheating their way to the top with pathetic streams.


the kpop sites should indicate if their sales are counted for BB or not. Its important for transparency so that people can know where their sales are coming from


admin why didn’t you include the
팬싸,영통 안뜸
일반2종 한정1종 총3종” part in the original post?
There are no jewel versions, there are only 3 versions, and one of them is limited, and the limited version was already sold out on the 2nd day of the pre-order period.


our poor oceans… this is so sad

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