Netizens are shocked by the design and quality of the posters for NewJeans’ debut fanmeeting in Japan

NewJeans’ debut fanmeeting in Japan【BUNNIES CAMP 2024 TOKYO DOME】 6.26(WED) – 27(THU)

1. I’m so satisfied with the quality

2. Haerin, when did you grow up? You are so pretty

3. Wow Minji is amazing

4. The design is crazy

5. Ah, NewJeans really suits hip-hop so well

6. The fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome is crazy

7. Wow the design is crazy

8. Wow the fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome.. Their class is different

9. Minji is so handsome

10. Is this a hip-hop concept?? Crazy

11. Oh Kim Minji…………Oh Tokyo Dome..??? Crazy

12. I like this concept. Please make a comeback to this concept in Korea

13. The fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome??? Oh my God

14. All the photos are crazyㅠㅠㅠ

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