Netizens are shocked when looking back at BLACKPINK’s coordis 7 years ago

Wow BLACKPINK’s coordis 7 years ago

I feel like just yesterday, Jennie became a hot topic in communities as the ‘human Gucci’ but it’s already been 7 years

Up until 2015~2016, a lot of idols were dressed with outfits that matched as a group but ever since BLACKPINK, the trend of dressing each member in a different luxury brand has started

1. Seriously, their coordi is crazy, it’s the one top

2. Rosé’s MMA outfit was freaking pretty

3. Gucci Jennie is always pretty

4. The BLACKPINK members look pretty together when mixing different brands

5. After them, almost all idols’ stage outfits were reformed from luxury brands, right?

6. Wasn’t it after Big Bang?

7. They look so pretty

8. I wonder who was their coordi back then..

9. BLACKPINK’s coordi was honestly the one top

10. Freaking pretty

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