Netizens are shocked when they find the identity of the hacker who leaked V-Jennie’s pictures

The hacking criminal behind V and Jennie’s pictures uploaded such a creepy picture today

A hacker suddenly uploaded a picture of Jisoo at around 9am. Looks like it was taken at the Dior fashion show in Paris yesterday

And just 8 hours later, Jisoo posted this picture on Instagram ㅜㅜ What is the identity of the hacker???

[+73, -33]

1. [+126, -2] So the hacker is an employee. They leaked the picture that the company sent them to upload

2. [+95, -2] The hacker is an employee at YG or someone close

3. [+85, -2] Is YG the culprit?

4. [+81, -4] Looks like an employee leaked the pictures,,, Isn’t this crazy?

5. [+74, -4] There’s someone inside YG who backstabbed Jennie…

6. [+28, -2] The hacker is an employee at YG. They want to catch V

7. [+27, -1] The hacker thanked Jisoo… This is so shocking

8. [+22, -25] There were a few times when I thought it was YG’s own trick

9. [+16, -4] So is V the victim???

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WhatsThe Point

I mean it was pretty clear that it’s someone from YG doing all of this.
They started releasing pics around bp cb, and then released pics everytime tae had a schedule.
It was obvious they were trying to get attention for that cb


You must be really dumb thinking that no needs attention for a comeback waited by half the world and thinking that YG would leak a pic with Jennie in the bathtub. What kind of sickos are you?


V always the victim one. Yg and their fake rumors hurt him. Everything was clear from the very beginning. Now stop your V obsession. ‼️


Jennie is the one being slutshamed by you guys and “v is the victim”? Stfu


Oh 😂 that why jennieslut always trending


Trending where?


Idgi. The photo could literally be from her icloud..? Am i missing something?

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