Netizens are so disappointed with LE SSERAFIM’s outfits at their showcase today

LE SSERAFIM’s pictures at their showcase today

1. Why are their clothes like this?

2. This is so weird, what’s up with LE SSERAFIM?

3. Yunjin’s outfit is crazy

4. What are they doing with these pretty girls? Throw their clothes away, they look cheap…

5. It was a mess

6. Why are Huh Yunjin’s clothes like that?

7. Kazuha and Chaewon are so pretty… Huh Yunjin’s underwear fashion is really bad, and Sakura’s outfit doesn’t suit her…

8. Yunjin’s outfit is a mess ㅜ

9. Why is Huh Yunjin dressed like that?

10. Only Sakura is pretty

11. All the outfits are so bad, did they do that on purpose????

12. Who is their coordi? She’s so bad at her job

13. I really don’t know what Yunjin’s outfit is

14. What the hell are Kazuha’s clothes?

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