Netizens are so disappointed with RIIZE’s visuals after watching their Instagram live

RIIZE’s Instagram live… I’m so disappointed

They must all be f*cking good at taking pictures. Aside from Sungchan, they are all

[+516, -76]

1. [+380, -6] Crazy, they’re debuting Sohee??;; F*ck, do they have no self-respect?

2. [+344, -29] Who is Sungchan? They all look ugly

3. [+269, -2] No but more than anything, can they kick out that thug?;; Why are they holding a landmine?;;

4. [+243, -13] No but who cut Sungchan’s hair like that?.. A kid like this..

5. [+187, -17] Is Teen Top’s Niel redebuting?

6. [+114, -17] Sungchan’s hair looks weird now, but he’s really handsome, and Anton is so cute in his beanie

7. [+99, -2] They look a bit like the Japanese group

8. [+38, -5] But one thing is for sure, the visual member is Wonbin, he’ll be the center

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