Netizens are surprised by idol companies’ revenue, operating profit, and net profit in 2022

Idol companies’ revenue, operating profit, and net profit in 2022

Revenue: 1,776.1 billion won
Operating profit: 236.9 billion won
Net profit: 48 billion won

Revenue: 848.4 billion won
Operating profit: 93.5 billion won
Net profit: 89.1 billion won

Revenue: 391.1 billion won
Operating profit: 46.6 billion won
Net profit: 44.6 billion won

Revenue: 345.8 billion won
Operating profit: 96.6 billion won
Net profit: 67,5 billion won

Revenue: 114.7 billion won
Operating profit: 24.7 billion won
Net profit: 19.8 billion won

Revenue: 64.3 billion won
Operating profit: 6.2 billion won
Net profit: 6.2 billion won

Revenue: 63 billion won
Operating profit: 28.1 billion won
Net profit: 11.1 billion won

Revenue: 53 billion won
Operating profit: -7 billion won
Net profit: -8,6 billion won

Revenue: 46,3 billion won
Operating profit: 4,4 billion won
Net profit: 13,2 billion won

1. Isn’t JYP doing the best?

2. Starship makes a lot of money

3. It is said that the reason why the net profit is low is because the company pays the artists a lot of money

4. KQ? 4.4 billion or 44 billion?

5. JYP is doing well, Stray Kids and TWICE are so popular overseas

6. They made a fuss over SM’s failure, and SM was #1 in terms of net profit

7. HYBE spent a lot of money on acquiring companies last year

8. What the hell is Cube doing these days?

9. HYBE took over another company last year + NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM debuted

10. HYBE’s net profit is lower than expected

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9. HYBE took over another company last year + NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM debuted

Yeah these the reason why their net profit lower than other big3. Expecting this year higher as alot of touring happening n BTS solos being successful plus high payment for their global ambassadorships.


acquisitions does not show up as an EXPENSE on their profit and loss and has ZERO effect on net profit. an acquisition is an investment that shows up on their balance sheet.They are spending a LOT on operating expenses for their net profit to be that low.. I wanna see their financial notes tbh


If only promotions of questionable kind, types and hush money had a column in the sheets


I guess Fnc couldn’t handle so many scandals after all, probably the next to disband come from here


I can’t with Cube. The way Soyeon dissed mama last year saying she level up her label only for her label to profit this much?? The diss wasn’t dissing. She sounds like her label rose to Hybe level

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Low net profit means the company are willing to spend its money for investment to improve and develop itself, unlike JYP which is hogging all the money and giving cheap comebacks for their acts.


that’s true. blackpink MV’s cost like around $5 million each. They released 2 MVs in 2022. if YG reduce their budget for music videos, they can increase their revenue to JYP’s level


But their mv look more expensive than sm? Specially twice mv also jyp focus and work only in music unlike other companies

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JYPE really, REALLY need some new staff. Their song writer, mv director, stylist, and at times makeup can all use a sorely needed upgrade. What happened to the staff who’ve made Cry For Me or Perfect World?


3. It is said that the reason why the net profit is low is because the company pays the artists a lot of money

SM physical sales distribution is borderline criminals. Anyone in blackpink is richer than anyone in NCT, this is one of the reasons why.


Well but BLACKPINK also has only 4 members, while NCT has more than 20




Idt that Hybe should be put on lists of kpop labels when it’s a parent company (it doesn’t even just focus on music). It’s like using Alphabet instead of Google for tech company performances. You might as well use Kakao instead of Starship with this list’s logic.


You might want to list some other companies since they have non-music related subsidiaries as well but HYBE will always be the focus for all 😀


You’re right abt that. I’m guessing this particular list was fan made since an official listing should make sure those kinds of factors are consistent if they’re analyzing specific types of companies.

I would’ve like to have seen the source.

Broke Student in Arab

They sure got bad performance, that amount basically my daily school allowances that my parents gave me.

Hope they promote more since they’re so broke.

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