Netizens are surprised by photos of BLACKPINK Jisoo as Alo’s model

Photos of BLACKPINK Jisoo as Alo’s model


1. F*cking pretty

2. Hul Alo released in Korea???

3. Jisoo not only has a pretty face but also has an extremely pretty body

4. Can I buy it in Korea?

5. Has Alo been released in Korea yet? I want to buy it

6. Jisoo is pretty and her clothes are pretty too

7. Wow, is she really this pretty? I think Jisoo is so pretty but I’m always surprised

8. It really suits her. She looks healthy

9. Why is she so pretty?

10. Wow, she’s so pretty… no… look at her abs…

11. Do they have stores in Korea? So beautiful ㅜㅜ

12. I know Jisoo’s face is so pretty but her body is also so pretty

13. Jisoo is so pretty, I’m jealous of her abs

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