Netizens are surprised that HYBE is releasing this concept for TXT and not NewJeans or LE SSERAFIM

HYBE is releasing yet another ballet core concept, but it’s not for NewJeans nor LE SSERAFIM

It’s for their boy group TXT

TXT’s new mini album concept photo was released yesterday

People say that the Little Prince was their inspiration

1. Their faces are crazy

2. Huening Kai suits this concept so well

3. Wow, something really suits them. The Little Prince concept also suits them so well~

4. After all, fans are the ones spending money, so if fans like it, it’s okay

5. Wow, the person who came up with this concept is truly a genius when it comes to thinking of how to apply it to male idols

6. I’m looking forward to it

7. Ribbon wrapped around the ankle = ballet??? I think it’s just the Little Prince concept?

8. Everyone is tall and strong, but why do they have such a weak concept?

9. The quality is amazing, I want to buy the album

10. It’s better than I thought

11. Every time I look at TXT, I think of SHINee, it feels like Bang Si Hyuk wants to form a group like SHINee

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