Netizens are surprised when they see empty seats at TXT’s Gocheok concert

Look at the empty seats at TXT’s Gocheok concert

It looks empty
The 4th floor is almost empty

They are so good on stage (especially Yeonjun), please fill it up ㅠ

[+122, -52]

1. [+142, -17] What was the reason they decided to hold the concert in Gocheok?

2. [+112, -7] I’m a Moa and I just hope we go back to KSPO Dome instead. 160,000 won for the 4th floor is too much

3. [+109, -10] If you’re gonna be on the 4th floor, you’re literally going there just to listen to music, but who wants to spend 160,000 won for the 4th floor?

4. [+99, -26] This is my first time seeing an idol unable to sell out Gocheok Dome

5. [+24, -2] Instead of sitting on the 4th floor of Gocheok, I would rather watch it online at home

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