Netizens are talking about BTS’s outfits these days

BTS’s outfits look so pretty these days

Their outfits are all pretty

1. First of all, after saying goodbye to Louis Vuitton, their outfits became prettier

2. Their coordi should be paid more

3. It’s like my past life when I went crazy for coordi

4. I’m satisfied, their styles are diverse and fit

5. Seriously, those outfits suit them

6. I’m really satisfied

7. It looks much better than before…

8. But now I can’t see them often…

9. Hobi is a fashionista

10. Now just change their hairstyles

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meow meow

last comment absolutely not i need yoongi to keep his long hair forever


i need someone begging taehyung to grow his hair i wanna see Butter ponytail taehyung again
& man hasn’t dyed his hair for ages id it’s healthier like this but there are colors i’d die to see on his hair TT

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spicy spice

much better than their colorful suits thou.


They all been serving cunt since the solos started


bts pick their own fits but there are some situations where they have to wear what the coordis prepared and they were always a hit and miss , 2020 and 2021 was terrible actually 😭

so glad that the coordis this time picked their outfits that matched them well , I think they were being too experimental in 2020-2021


Actually 2020 and 2021 gave us some of bts most iconic outfits but I agree it was a year where it was either a miss or a hit.

WhatsThe Point

These knetz focus so much on their outfit, I wish k-armys focussed that much on supporting BTS but they have more important issues like cakes and outfits to address to

Another Guest

Wish they’d actually focus on supporting the solo projects of the members but all they focus are on what BTS wears. The biggest fandom in SK but a joke when it comes to streaming.

meow meow

karmys are so useless nowadays all they do is complain that bighit is mistreating them 😭 idgaf abt that company but i have to come out and defend them and that it’s not mistreatment that one member got 5 balloons on his bday and another got 7 🤦‍♀️

It is what it is

Guess it’s because they have more freedom to choose their outfits now that it doesn’t need to agree with the whole group but goes according to each personal style
On the other hand, how is there too few pictures of Jungkook? 😭 I keep missing him


10. Now just change their hairstyles

huh? they don’t have promos now, they have the hairstyles that they like themselves, why should they change anything? let them just enjoy their free time


Plz I agree lv was ugly af


The outfits of the Dynamite era were legendary. Obviously each member has their own personal style and I love that, but when they had to dress together to perform I also liked it, they fit in very well with everything. 

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