Netizens are worried about Bang Si Hyuk’s health after seeing his new pictures

Bang Si Hyuk wears a Balenciaga t-shirt

1. He doesn’t know how to manage his body, I just hope that someone as talented as Bang Si Hyuk will work hard and stay healthy

2. Wow, what are the harsh comments? He will take care of his own body. Why are you guys so angry with someone else’s body?

3. Why did you write the post about him? He’s not even a celebrity

4. I’m really worried about his health

5. Why are there so many malicious comments?ㅋ Just worry about your life ㅠ

6. Has he still not lost any weight?

7. Even if you have a lot of money, your health is the most important

8. I wish the Balenciaga designers didn’t see it

9. But seriously, I’m really worried about his health

10. Why don’t you lose weight? Don’t want to spend the money you earn?

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