Netizens can’t believe NewJeans Hyein is only 15 years old after seeing her at ‘Diesel’ pop-up event

NewJeans Hyein at the ‘Diesel’ pop-up event

15 year old model…

1. Hyein is so pretty

2. She looks like a real model, I think she was born to be a model

3. I like her the most, she’s only 15 years old, but she looks hip

4. She doesn’t look like a 15 year old kid at all, she looks like a professional modelㅋㅋㅋ

5. Wow the atmosphere is crazy

6. She’s tall and has a model-like face

7. No, isn’t she a model???? She looks the most model-like among idols I’ve ever seen… Crazy… She’s only 15 years old…

8. She really stands out on stage

9. She’s in middle school and she’s 1m70, so I’m so jealous of Hyein-ah!!!!!

10. I’ll believe it even if you say she’s a professional model

11. Her bangs are a bit weird, but she looks like a model

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