Netizens claim that PURE.D has a boyfriend after Wikitree revealed ‘GOT7’ Jay B is dating her

‘GOT7’ Jay B ♥ PURE.D, pink light relationship… “Dating for 9 months”

GOT7 Jay B (28, Lim Jaebeom) is in a relationship with special makeup YouTuber Pure.D (29, Kim Dohyun)

1. Pure.D, doesn’t she already have a boyfriend? I think I saw it in a Q&A video

2. But there’s a lot of GOT7 dating news these days, isn’t Youngjae dating someone too?

3. I know she has a boyfriend, but looks like she broke up

4. Wikitree is working so hard these days

5. I hope Wikitree doesn’t care about my idols

6. Why are there so many dating rumors on Wikitree these days?

7. Well, looks like she broke up with her boyfriend

8. I wonder how they know each other

9. You broke up with your boyfriend, Pure.D

10. Pure.D, have you made your relationship public before? I remember that you had a boyfriend. This is so weird

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