Netizens clarify the statement that the 3rd floor of BTS’ concert in Busan is empty

The 3rd floor of BTS’ concert in Busan is empty

Even though it’s free

[+53, -315]

1. [+132, -1] 49 million viewers

2. [+110, -0] There were a lot of ARMYs who couldn’t get in because it was full, so they stood outside and cheered

3. [+99, -1] All seats have been filled

4. [+83, -1] The 2nd floor would be empty if it were your nugu oppas

5. [+37, -0] The number of viewers is even more than the population of Koreaㅋㅋㅋㅋ Weverse has over 49 million / ZEPETO has over 21 million / Naver Now has over 1 million / JTBC has over 780,000 / I don’t know about Japanese broadcasting ㅜㅜ

6. [+35, -0] Fans who were unable to attend the concert watched the concert at Haeundae Beach

7. [+28, -0] Tickets were sold out so there were a lot of ARMYs watching from the outside

8. [+24, -0] At Busan Port International Passenger Terminal

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But I wasn’t done…

Imagine thinking a BTS concert has empty seats


Funny how those haters wanted to drag the boys with that several empty chair on 3rd floor, when they already had overwhelming numbers of people who watched the concert at that stadium, from outside, from the live play spots, and the live streaming platforms. Hell, the link even was often crashed because too many people tried to access.


Beside, others’ sold out paid concerts still couldn’t even match Bangtan’s sold out paid concerts, let alone this free concert. Stop comparing something to something that out of reach, please!

Last edited 5 months ago by Whatever

Why are these kfans so hell bent on proving that bts is not popular??
I don’t understand the unnecessary hate that these boys get for absolutely no reason


the desperation to prove how pathetic hater you are lol how dumb of you trying to drag BTS for empty seats…

WhatsThe Point

Empty concert seats doesn’t work on BTS sorry.
We saw how kamp LA concert booked in fcking Rose Bowl is empty, not everyone call sell out stadiums it’s ok to admit. Several so called “more talented than BTS” groups came together to perform yet the stadium is empty as hell.

so what

is it because 7 out of 15 artists from the lineup cancelled their appearance there due to visa problem, so many of the fans asked for refund? when I see the rest of the lineup, I don’t think they have that many western fans…? should have chosen the ones with more us fans

Last edited 5 months ago by so what

Even before the refunds only 12k seats were sold to the point that they started giving away the tickets for free 5 days before the event. Then 24 hrs before that most of the artists cancelled due to visa issues. Rumors are, the organizers didn’t have much money left to expedite visas cause it’s so expensive to book the Rose Bowl and the tickets aren’t selling. They gave tickets for free in the hopes that those people would buy merch so they could recover costs but no one did. They even banned 3rd party merch just to sell their own merch but eh. They should’ve just booked a smaller venue, there’s nothing wrong with that. At least the fans would’ve been happy seeing all the artists.

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