Netizens comment on the acting of Jang Wonyoung’s older sister, Jang Da Ah in Pyramid Game drama

Acting scene of Jang Wonyoung’s older sister, Jang Da Ah (Pyramid Game drama)

1. Her expression may still be awkward but this is her first work~

2. Her mouth shape is exactly like Jang Wonyoung

3. It’s okay because she’s a rookie

4. It’s better than I thought

5. Well, looking at the video, she looks more like Wonyoung

6. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any expectations since this was her first work but it was better than I expected

7. Her expression was awkward

8. She’s a good rookie, right? She’s not the main character… I think in the future she’ll do better as she gets more experience

9. Her voice and expressions remind me of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, it’s hard to say she’s good at acting

10. Her voice is good but her expression seems a bit awkward

11. It’s better than I thought…?

12. She can’t use her facial expressions

13. It’s better than I thought, she just needs more practice

14. But she doesn’t look like a high school student at all…

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