Netizens complain about BLACKPINK’s Gocheok Dome concert ticket price

Information about BLACKPINK’s Gocheok Dome concert ticket price + Seating map

Venue: Gocheok Dome
Tickets open: 23.09.01 (19:00)

1. I can’t go because it’s expensive

2. Wow, aren’t they the first female idol to enter Gocheok? But… it’s too expensive

3. Everything goes up in price these days

4. 220,000 won, are they crazy?

5. 220,000 won is expensive and 120,000 won for the 4th floor is too much

6. I’m sorry, but Korean idols don’t spend as much money on stage sets as pop singers do, and I don’t understand why they’re so expensive…

7. Are they Korean singers? I’m glad I’m not a fan

8. I can’t even go to the concert anymore, it’s too expensive

9. 220,000 won… crazy…

10. That’s why they make a lot of money on tour… I like BLACKPINK, but I don’t think about going

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