Netizens criticize Aespa for lip syncing at the university festival

Aespa’s stage video at the university festival

1. Crazy, they can’t even move their mouths…

2. Are there many singers performing live at festivals? I’m curious so I’m asking. I think they all lip sync at events

3. It’s disappointing that they lip sync at the festival

4. Are they singers? They are just dancers.. They look like a K-pop cover dance team

5. The singers all sing live at university festivals. I think Aespa was the only group that lip-synced there

6. No, they have good skills but why do they always lip sync…?

7. They lip sync, and the stage isn’t fun

8. I don’t care if they lip sync or not, it’s just not fun…. Why isn’t the festival stage fun at all?

9. Please stop blaming SM. I guess Aespa didn’t want to sing live. Why do you guys keep blaming SM?

10. If you are a singer, you have to perform live. What is the difference from a dance club?

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