Netizens criticize after officials are rude to BTS

The way they are flipping the arms of the idols for a commemorative photo is so rude

1. They’re so crazy and rude.. But I’m not surprised

2. Even non-fans are angry, they crossed the line

3. Are they crazy?? Do they think idols are dolls?

4. I was shocked when I saw the gif of V

5. No, it’s rude to do it to anyone, but it’s even more surprising that they did it while taking a picture with BTS

6. They are really rude and ignorant

7. Wow what the hell…? I get mad even though I’m not a fan

8. Seriously… I really don’t want to comment on politicians, but the level is so different from last time

9. I have never seen an ambassador be treated like this

10. They were the ones who did what they wanted without caring about others, so they did what they normally did

11. They are so rude ㅠㅠㅠ Don’t they know our kids are precious?

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