Netizens criticize after seeing BTS Suga’s solo concert ticket price

BTS Suga’s solo concert price information

VIP STANDING 220,000 won
VIP SEATED 220,000 won
SEATED 165,000 won

1. Crazy… When HYBE raises ticket prices, other companies will follow

2. As expected, HYBE.. They treat ARMYs like ATMs.. They have to make up for the loss of taking over SM

3. Since it’s BTS, I know the tickets will be sold out, but the ticket price is really too expensive

4. 220,000 won????????????????????

5. I think HYBE really treats BTS fans as ATMs until the end

6. These days, it’s hard for middle school and high school students to go to concerts

7. Why is HYBE like that?

8. Wow, the price is crazy

9. The problem is that HYBE will make other concerts more expensive in the future

10. I hope I can go, whether it’s expensive or not, please give me a seat

11. You don’t have to go if it’s expensive, but there are a lot of fans who want to go

12. Everything is expensive these days

13. Fans will go regardless of the price, but it’s expensive, so the ticket prices of other idols will go up too

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