Netizens criticize after seeing LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s bikini top

LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s bikini top is shocking

They always make them wear those bra tops. Are they dressed like that because they think it’s pretty?

[+576, -65]

1. [+422, -4] Overall, their outfits this time are too similar to their previous promotions

2. [+332, -1] No but what is that countrified bra top?…

3. [+331, -11] Stop undressing Kazuha. Please make her wear an off-the-shoulder top instead

4. [+317, -2] What is their new song? Their hairstyles and outfits are too similar to Fearless – Antifragile

5. [+130, -1] Don’t do this pose anymore, please

6. [+102, -0] No, I don’t think the members’ waists are so pretty, but I don’t know why they keep wearing crop tops

7. [+78, -7] They’re female idols, but I guess they want the members to brag about their muscles. I’m tired of them showing off their muscles and abs. I just hope they realize that overall style is important

8. [+51, -0] Stop making LE SSERAFIM dance like this…

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But I thought their fans were all GIRLBOSS female fans who love their strong and confident image?


Huh..when Jennie wore underboobs and bra at concert, they said its cool. But when Kazuha just wore it over the top, it considered undressing? Knetz once again proved how they are a bunch of hypocrites.


They are saying it’s not pretty. It looks like the swimsuits that female bodybuilders wore during a competition


Do you think jennie outfit is pretty lol. Its so ugly and look like shes wearing a diaper. At the end, knetz are hypocrite


Girl we’re talking about the top here.


pann and theqoo now full of blink and mys fyi, its so fkin obvious


Huh? Girl where are mys here? Hahahaha. Are you seeing things that other people don’t see?


That never happened 🤡 they criticized her and called her disgusting qualifiers 💀 you’re a lying bitch

who you

Because it’s ugly in Kazuha, literally a bra just like that.


I see these girls’ success is really bothering a lot of people these days cause ain’t no way yall nitpicking everything about them while praising others for the same things 😭

Color color stan

They hating on her for this when seoul cycle is shaking her flatass on stage and showing her nonexistent boobs thru her tasteless outfits like pls 🙄


They love her. They just hate kazuha cause she’s not korean, she’s Japanese. Please focus on anorexic pigmin and sluthyung and Jungcock getting stalked by sasaengs.


Manifesting those Sasaengs deliver some guns, knife or b0mb toys to Jungcock’s house so he will never feel at ease again and get anxious and paranoid.🤣


manifesting the next time you little twinks masturbate at those dozens’ concert yall will end up ejaculating straight into their eyes so they fall and break their miserable necks inshallah 🥰


not you being a disgusting, perverted Muslim lmao terrorist too.

Teenaged puppy

Worry about STDENNIE’s pregnancy scare after getting ran thru by the YG janitors


Worry about Jungcock losing sleep and feeling unsafe in his own house because of his crazy obsessed fans delivering food to him.

Teenaged puppy

He not loosing half as much sleep as your sluts wondering if another twink blink is outside their window jerking if to their stretched holes

super sally

This is beyond disgusting. You are one unhinged creature, wishing the worst on people all because of Kpop. I promise you, BP are not worth it for you to one day turn into a murderous psycho we will all see on tv. Get some help ASAP.


IDC. i am just returning the energy, your fandom bodyshame snd slutshame BP when this post has nothing to do with them sooo.


they’re westernizing these girls

Teenaged puppy

Only slutpink can get away with these outfits


You are a bunch of trash bags, this has nothing to do with Jennie or BP but you are here slutshamming her for no reason. F U !!!!


blackpink set the standard, my gurls wear similar outfit for the rest of their career and nobody complained


It girls running in these bitches mind 24/7


Ok army Stop setting up a bp

Lesserafim are yuck

Butch girls.


this comeback’s such a flop. the styling, the choreo, the general vibe of this album feels like antifragile 2.0.

everything feels recycled

Lesserafim are yuck

Company who has too much money and no creativity 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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