Netizens criticize after seeing LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s bikini top

LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s bikini top is shocking

They always make them wear those bra tops. Are they dressed like that because they think it’s pretty?

[+576, -65]

1. [+422, -4] Overall, their outfits this time are too similar to their previous promotions

2. [+332, -1] No but what is that countrified bra top?…

3. [+331, -11] Stop undressing Kazuha. Please make her wear an off-the-shoulder top instead

4. [+317, -2] What is their new song? Their hairstyles and outfits are too similar to Fearless – Antifragile

5. [+130, -1] Don’t do this pose anymore, please

6. [+102, -0] No, I don’t think the members’ waists are so pretty, but I don’t know why they keep wearing crop tops

7. [+78, -7] They’re female idols, but I guess they want the members to brag about their muscles. I’m tired of them showing off their muscles and abs. I just hope they realize that overall style is important

8. [+51, -0] Stop making LE SSERAFIM dance like this…

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