Netizens criticize after seeing the quality of goods from Weverse Shop

The quality of goods from Weverse Shop…..

The back side is the goods of other idols…

1. I’m not surprised because it’s HYBE

2. What is HYBE good at?

3. I hate Weverse so much, even if the composition of the album is flawed, they just ignore it

4. This is not my first time seeing controversy over the quality of their goods

5. BTS on the front, VERIVERY on the back, but what’s even funnier is that they’re not the same agency

6. This is the printing factory’s fault, but they didn’t check it

7. No wonder Weverse Shop was trash at firstㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Bang Si Hyuk really doesn’t care about the quality of the goods

9. This is too much… They really treat their fans like ATMs…

10. Weverse Shop?