Netizens criticize after the conversation between BTS RM and the monk was revealed without his permission

BTS RM updates Instagram

“Thanks for your time but I didn’t know there would be an article…😂”

“Next time I’ll go to a different temple. I’ll go and come back quietly..”

1. No, don’t they have to ask his permission before publishing an article??

2. They are so rude

3. I feel bad for him, he can’t even talk comfortably anywhere

4. Nowhere else has RM ever had an interview like this

5. That monk, seriously.. I hope Namjoon doesn’t get hurt too much ㅠㅠ

6. If even what you told the monk was published in the article, who would you really trust?

7. What is this?….. They posted an article without his consent…

8. A monk??? I can’t even trust the monk anymore

9. Looks like Namjoon likes temples, but I feel bad for him

10. I’m not a fan, but I really feel bad for him

11. He must have felt betrayed

12. Wow this is really too much

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Anyone can’t be trusted


He cant even trust a fckng monk!!
This is why armys shouldn’t translate every article with bts name on it!
Stop consuming kmedia trash for god sake


even if armys dont translate it. it’s still gonna spread among koreans and anyway the only for armys to get news is through media you cant just tell them to stop translating


it was translated by official kpop/korean news outlets even if armys translated it


Interlude:Shadow never hits so true as right now, my god it must have been so isolating for BTS… cant even confide in a MONK without being sold to the media


This is why NDAs are important. Even monks can’t be trusted nowadays.


Can’t believe one have to be aware even of monks wtf


a monk can do something like that???? wtf


Based on the behavior we’ve seen it is not a good monk but a selfish, untrustworthy, egotistical and probably narcissistic person.

WhatsThe Point

They can’t even trust a monk wow

Lazy Banana

Damn, even monks can’t be confided in..


This is fucked up on a different level, like a Monk, a fucking MONK?


When I read the article I felt something off so I didn’t share it anywhere , that monk asked about military and expected Namjoon to say something else….I bet he wanted him to get hated , but Namjoon’s answer was proof of how great human with impressive mindset he’s in real life …not just on camera
He didn’t deserve this I really feel bad for him

Lazy Banana

The worst thing is the monk didn’t even ask about the military generally, the monk asked how Namjoon feels about not getting an exemption. I bet the monk was wishing Namjoon said he felt disappointed about it so he can get more $$$ from kmedia.


That monk has sold out, I hope they throw him out. Namjoon didn’t keep quiet, he must be angry about what happened, he can’t even unburden himself to a monk anymore, but he said it with great politeness, which the monk lacked. 

Grace Walker

Army’s, should call out this monk on Twitter.


Theyre mad bcs the monk exposed the fact that he actually wanted exemption? Lmfao


No, but because namjoon (and bts) gets their privacy violated

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