Netizens criticize after watching LE SSERAFIM ‘FEARLESS’ encore fancam on Music Bank

LE SSERAFIM ‘FEARLESS’ #1 encore fancam on Music Bank

1. What is Kim Garam good at?… I don’t know why she’s the center…

2. How did they beat Lim Young Woong to take first place with that skill? I can’t even hear what song it is, and the song itself is so weird

3. No, they’re singers but they can’t even sing while standing?

4. They just can’t sing… What’s even more funny is that they can’t sing their own song

5. They sing the worst among rookie girl groups

6. Huh Yunjin didn’t do well either.. I’m so disappointed..

7. Who is the main vocalist in this group? I don’t think this group has the main vocalist

8. They did well on stage, but why is the encore stage like that? Is it because they lip sync??

9. Out of the 4th generation female idols, they seem to be the worst

10. This is my first time seeing a group that doesn’t have any members who can sing

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