Netizens criticize because IVE’s album ‘I’VE MINE’ has more than 460 photocards

IVE’s album ‘I’VE MINE’ has more than 460 photocards

1. Wow, there are 6 members and 460 photocards in one album, a record high number

2. I wonder if anyone collects all of them

3. Is the company doing this because they are crazy for money?

4. 460 photocards in one album? There are 6 members… Wow, how crazy are they about money?

5. Every time I see something like this, I’m glad I’m not interested in photocards

6. Starship is crazy

7. It seems like the company is just trying to make money

8. No, this is really bad

9. This is what they do because they only see fans as money

10. Are they crazy about money? It’s really too much

11. 460 photocards in one album…?

12. Entertainment companies do this for money ㅠㅠ

13. Wow, the members must have had a hard time too

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