Netizens criticize Big Bang Daesung for appearing on ‘Hangout With Yoo’

[Exclusive] Big Bang Daesung, appears on ‘Hangout With Yoo’… Reuniting with Yoo Jae Suk after 13 years

Daesung will appear in the new music project JS Entertainment episode of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Hangout With Yoo’, which will be broadcast from the 21st

1. Another music project?

2. Is this a music show or an entertainment show?

3. Isn’t Daesung a victim..?? Why the reactions like this?

4. MBC Entertainment also played an important role in Big Bang’s popularity

5. I don’t want to see Big Bang in the media and on variety shows

6. Is this a music show?

7. Isn’t he a criminal?

8. Are they working on another music project?

9. Big Bang shouldn’t appear on TV except for Taeyang

10. He’s shameless

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