Netizens criticize Giselle for making a choreography mistake again today

Giselle made a choreography mistake again today

Even though she practiced choreography for 3 months and only performed on 2 music shows this week

But she made choreography mistakes on both stages

1. I want her to practice the choreography a bit. I have a lot to say but I won’t talk about her anymore

2. Who is Giselle..? I can’t tell the difference between female idols ㅠㅠ

3. Giselle seriously

4. They’re only 4 members, so she’ll stand out if she makes a choreography mistake

5. She should practice her choreography hard

6. Didn’t they say that the preparation time for this album was so long…? But she still hasn’t practiced enough…? Anyway, she’ll have to practice more

7. Looks like she can’t dance

8. What did she do? Why didn’t she improve her dancing skills?

9. She keeps making choreography mistakes

10. I think she’s the worst member of the group

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