Netizens criticize HYBE for releasing BTS Jungkook ‘3D – Justin Timberlake Remix’

BTS Jungkook ‘3D – Justin Timberlake Remix’

Jungkook “3D – Justin Timberlake Remix” is scheduled for release on November 24 at 2 PM KST

1. What’s up with HYBE?

2. Jungkook shouldn’t get criticized or be targeted for this at all

3. HYBE, what the hell are these people doing?

4. Why…? Why…?

5. I don’t think Jungkook himself should necessarily be embroiled in this in any way

6. Jungkook is working hard, but HYBE just keeps doing stupid and embarrassing things

7. I really don’t understand HYBE’s choice of collaborators in the US…

8. HYBE, are you crazy? Why are you doing this to Jungkook? ㅠㅠ

9. Why is HYBE doing this even when Justin Timberlake himself is flying low right now?

10. I hate this company, it’s so bad

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