Netizens criticize HYBE’s media play about ILLIT Wonhee being chosen as Pocari Sweat’s model

“She’s more innocent and prettier than Son Ye Jin”… ‘ILLIT Wonhee’ chosen as Pocari Sweat’s 29th model

DongA Otsuka announced on April 18 that they have chosen Wonhee as the brand ambassador for their beverage Pocari Sweat in 2024

Lee Jun Cheol, the brand manager for Pocari Sweat at DongA Otsuka, commented, “We chose Wonhee from ILLIT for her diverse charms, aiming to capture the pure and clear blue essence that is unique to Pocari Sweat. As the 29th model for Pocari Sweat, we look forward to conveying a brand message that supports the vibrant youth of today, each with their own shade of ‘blue’.”

1. HYBE’s media play makes me feel disgusted.. Why did they mention Son Ye Jin?

2. There are many cases where media agencies use article titles like that to increase clicks

3. Is this a strategy to become famous while being criticized?

4. Isn’t comparing her to Son Ye Jin too insulting to Son Ye Jin?

5. How can she be compared to Son Ye Jin? This is ridiculous

6. Do you guys want to leave malicious comments for a girl born in 2007? You guys are so pathetic

7. Are you kidding me?

8. Son Ye Jin is pretty and she’s pretty, but why is the title like that?

9. At this point, it’s noisy marketing

10. ?? Do you know who Son Ye Jin is?

11. I really hate HYBE’s media play

12. his group seems to be doing noisy marketing like this

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